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 There are grate number of people live with dogs in Tokyo.
But there is not enough space to let the dogs free.
If you are going to live with dogs in city, you had better train your dogs to get along with these circumstance.

 I will advise you how to train your dogs as a member of your family.
This training is neither for a police dog nor guard dog.
This training is teach your dogs good behavior.

 I will advise you how to get your dog's attention and how to teach your dogs your family's rule and good manner.

Example:Toilet training, walking training, etc.

The earlier, the more effective!!

 Beside the basic dog training, I can teach you how to do K9-Freestyle(Dog Dance).
K9-Freestyle is one of the dog sports. That is a dancing with your dogs.
The communication is necessary if you want to dance with your dogs.
So it will be a good tool for you to communicate with your dogs.

Dog Sitting Service:
I can provide you the dog sitting service.
Please ask me about the detail by e-mail.
※Please use the "CONTACT" button and send me e-mail.
Although my English is not good enough, I will get in touch with you later.
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